Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Affordable NYX Cosmetics @

I have been trying out 4 items from NYX for the past 2 weeks. And let me tell you guys, i absolutly love NYX much more! The company that sent me to try these items is Their site sells discounted NYX items and much more. If you are going to their site, it does take a while to load. So be patient. Shipping depends on how many items you purchase.

-This palette is great for on the go. I really love the eyeshadows. They are super pigmented. The blushes are somewhat matte, and go great with any skintone. As for the lips and glitters, i think its nice to have them in this set. The lips are just like glosses but isnt so shiny.

- I have tried out NYX's eyebrow cake powder before. And loved it! This one is much better since it comes with more shades and items. Great for beginners.

- The foundation impressed me! What made me love it much more was it did not break me out &has a pump! The color 03 is a bit dark for me. But since i self tan it will be perfect. This lasts 8+ hours. The coverage is amazing! FULL COVERAGE.

- I think i have just found my new favorite lip product! You all know i do not use lip glosses/sticks a lot. But this product i have been using more than ever. Its perfect.


  1. The pallete is just gorgeous..I wish i can buy it gere. So not funny that is not available !

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