Friday, April 8, 2011

Small Beauty Haul

I picked up a few things this week. And my cousin bought me 2 ELF products. I thought i'd post this 'haul' on my blog because it's fairly small. Enjoy.

These are the 2 items my cousin bought me. The eye duo is in classic brown. And the love using the shadow stick as a base. It's very pigmented. As for the eyeliner, it's not as pigmented but works well for the price.
The single eyeshadow is in Golden Glow. And i am wearing this today. Very pigmented and the color is vibrant over a base.

I wanted to find a beige eyeliner for my water line. And i came across this from Sephora. It was only $5. And it's in Pearl Beige.

Swatches for all three liners. The Sephora liner is first, then the brown ELF liner & the gold/brown shadow stick.

I bought the mineralize blush from the MAC Quite Cute Collection yesterday. Really pretty, great for highlight. This one is in Miss Behave.

At the CCO, i found this mineralize blush. And thought it was gorgeous! For only $16.25 i had to pick it up. This one is LE but im not sure what collection it's from. The name for this is Hang Loose.

Lastly, I picked up the Philosophy Purity facial cleanser since i needed a new makeup remover. I heard lots of good things about this so i picked it up at Macy's. And so far, im loving it! Also, at Sephora they gave me a Bithday gift when i picked up the eyeliner. I used it once and it smells great.


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